What to do If My iPhone is Stuck in Recovery Mode? I am using iPhone 5s since long time but yesterday while upgrading my iPhone 4s my iPhone was stuck in recovery mode? How to overcome from this issue. Please help!

iPhone 4s is really a wonderful gadget which gained the popularity around the globe in short span of time. Being a smart iPhone user we usually upgrade our IPhone iOS to experience new feature of the Phone. Hence while upgrading old iOS to new IOS usually user might encounter with iPhone stuck in recovery mode issue. It is a common issue now a days. Apart from upgrading IOS there are also some reason behind this issue such as intentionally activated the recovery mode to solve a problem, wrong way to try jailbreak of your iPhone etc. Once your iPhone is stuck at recovery mode its become dreadful situation for you since you cannot view your current iPhone data and settings unless you resolve the problem. At this critical moment you would be start thinking what to do If My iPhone is Stuck in Recovery Mode? Well in this case you don’t get panic at all , follow the given procedure in order to solve the problem.

 Fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode using iTunes

Being a smart iPhone user you must be aware of iTunes inbuilt utility which is provided by apple inc used to backup and restore vital files on all IOS devices. So you have previously iTunes backup file you can easily restore all iPhone data from there. But it has been seen that many user lost their crucial data after completion of the task so iTunes tool is not an ideal choice all the time.

 Fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode using iPhone recovery software

When it comes to recover lost or deleted iPhone data safely you should rely on iPhone recovery software. This tool is able to restore all iPhone data safely irrespective of all causes, no matter your iPhone stuck at recovery mode or some thing else. So When your iPhone is Stuck in Recovery Mode, install iPhone recovery software immediately.

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Want to backup iPhone data

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What to do If My iPhone is Stuck in Recovery Mode

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