Now a days there are so many people who are using iPhone. iPhone comes with marvelous features that make it unique gadget from other smartphones. This is the reason it is popular among all age group of people. Apart from making calls and sending message, one can capture pictures and videos in great clarity, browsing the internet, playing heavy graphics games, listening to music and many more thing. New comers should spend quality time with iPhone in order to learn how to handle the iPhone. At times some user’s might come across with Locked iPhone issue. This is the common issue now a days. This is the worst thing that happened wit your iPhone. That’ s why it becomes essential to restore a locked iPhone. There are various methods to restore a locked iPhone, have a look:

 Restore locked iPhone using iTunes: Being a smart iPhone user you must be familiar with itunes. Itunes is an inbuilt utility tool provided by Apple to backup and restore vital files on all IOS devices. To achieve the task you need to connect your iPhone to computer through matched USB and launch your iTunes on your computer. Here iTunes will ask Pass code. If you don’t remember do not to worry switch to Find my Phone and then turn to recovery mode. In this way you can easily  restore A Locked iPhone data. But this is not an ideal choice to use this method every time since it causes data loss issue while processing the task.

 Restore A Locked iPhone using iPhone Recovery software: If you are considering to perform Restore A Locked iPhone without causing data loss issue then it is highly recommended by experts to go for iPhone recovery software. This is an amazing tool presently. It is designed and developed by expert professionals with advance technologies that recover your all data in hassle free manner. It is capable to recover all lost or deleted data from all IOS devices.

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For backup iPhone data

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Ways to Restore A Locked iPhone

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