Lat night when i was trying to update and restore my iPhone with the help of iTunes. I get an unknown error. I try after restarting the phone but could not get success. I don’t have idea about why i am getting this error. So if you have any suggestion regarding solving the unknown error when trying update and restore iPhone then please help me. Thanks.

There is no double thought about iPhone’s reliability which makes it the most using device in the current time. With the rising of technology the iPhone also change and launch its several new version. Each version comes with some different features which makes users to update their iPhone. iTune is the inbuilt utility which can be used to update or restore the iPhone. But sometime while updating and restoring the iPhone users can get some unknown error which can prevent them to update and restore it. So if you are also suffering from such an error and want to solve it then the first steps you can take is by updating your iTunes. Most of the time the old version of iTunes doesn’t supports your computer so try to update your iTunes to latest version. If you have some security software installed then it can also become the cause behind the error so uninstall if any security software installed. Apart from that unplug if there are some extra USB devices are attached with the computer. Then try once again by restarting your computer and iPhone both.

If you have tried all the above mentioned steps and still unable to update and restore iPhone due to the unknown error then don’t worry. In that situation if you want to update or restore the iPhone then you have to take the help of some third party tool. iPhone recovery software is the most reliable utility through which you can easily restore your iPhone. This amazing utility comes with many advance features which makes it the alternate option of iTunes.

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You can also backup your data using;

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Unknown Error when Trying Update and Restore iPhone

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