Once for all every Android user have to face this problem “ unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped”. It’s very common error for now a days user, where the application is getting update every week but the Android is still running in old framework. So how to fix this unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped error and also protect the data from getting corrupted due to this error. Yes, this type of error may hang your device for while. Which you need to reset it or format the device. This sudden format or reset may be the reason where you can lost all of the saved image. Well here you can get both tips to fix “unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped” error and also to recover lost data from Android device.

We are sure you will never want to see this “unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped” message on your Android screen. So what to do for the solution of this error. Here are some tips and trick which you can apply of your Android Device to stop showing this message. The famous Android brand like Samsung, LG, Moto, Oppo, Honor, Redmi etc… Well the method which is deal here below are also make you to Reset the device or Format the device. So First of all try to make back-up of to Android data, for this you can use Android Back-up Software …. Also check out some point which will help you to fix the “ unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped “ error.

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 Solution For Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped

  1. Clear the Google Play Store cache
  2. Check your Internet connection
  3. Install the latest version of Google Play
  4. Clear out your Play Store data
  5. Force close the Google Play Store
  6. Restart your phone!
  7. Check your date/time settings
  8. Factory data reset

These point will fix the error you are receiving on your Android device. By clearing the unwanted cache data to hard reset of the device all the single point will work to fix the “unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped” error. As well as in good times, today’s electronics sometimes just a slap or two to work. OK, maybe not a real wound, but it must put everything in its place, and sometimes a simple restart will do. Cache is an impressive tool. Team of local data storage, the phone may reduce your data usage and speed up page load times. It’s time to take some bigger guns and really neat stuff. To delete related data, easy access to the settings and go to the Application Manager, as he did to clear the cache. It may seem silly suggestion, but it can often be the cause of many problems Google Play. This could be because Google’s servers have problems synchronizing with a set date / time. The factory reset will clear all the saved data from your device, however we have informed you to make a back-up of all the data. if you have done… so you have not to worry but not then you might need help of Android Data Recovery Software.

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Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped : Check For Solution

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