Hello everyone my name is Paul, i have a huge collection of music in my iPad. But due to some problems in my iPad i was trying to transfer the all music files in my iPhone. I am looking for the easy guidelines to make it possible without any risk. So can anyone suggest me the easy and safe way to transfer music from iPad to iPhone. Thanks for your support.

Hi Paul, if you don’t known that how to transfer music from iPad to iPhone then you exactly came to right place. In todays world the iPad and iPhone both are very to top famous gadgets which is used by many peoples. Both of them are product of the worlds leading brand Apple Inc. It comes with some unique features and innovative design. Having this gadget will add your personalty. People often store photos, videos, audio or some other document. Now moving to your problem which you discussed with us about transfer music from iPad to iPhone. There is an application named as iTunes which is present in your iPad and iPhone. Using this application you can easily transfer any file between iPad to iPhone. All you need to do is just connect your iPad with the computer and create backup of music files. Now further establish a connection between your iPhone and computer using USB cable and copy all the music files from iTunes backup.

Beside this, there is an another option to transfer music from iPad to iPhone and that is using the iCloud. It is a online service in which you have to upload the music files from your iPad using iCloud account and then from your iPhone open the iCloud account and download the all uploaded music files. But while using both of these solution of music transfer sometimes users are facing data loss issue due to technical fault. So i am suggesting you to use iPad backup software to make the data transferring process much easier.

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Transfer Music from iPad to iPhone In An Easy Way

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