Hi friends I am selling iPhone, how to backup and erase data? I want to secure my all data so that the new owner of my iPhone device can not access them. Please help me to backup and erase all important data from my iPhone device. Thanks in advance.

Well, selling iPhone, how to backup and erase data is the most asked query by many iPhone users. If you are also facing the same scenario then read this post carefully in order to get the most efficient solution for the same. While selling your device it is very important to erase all your personal data from as it will prevent your files from access of new owner of your phone. However, you should also create a proper backup of all your data for further uses. Well, steps by step guide to backup and erase data in iPhone is listed bellow take a look.

Steps to Backup iPhone Files

  • Connect your iPhone to with your PC with USB cable.
  • Now launch iTunes utility and right click the left pane of your iPhone.
  • Select “Back Up” option from the right click menu.
  • Wait for the processor to get completed properly.

Once, all your data in transferred to your PC then you can restore your device on factory setting in order to erase all users files from your iPhone gadget.

Steps to Erase All Data from iPhone

  • Connect your iPhone with PC while holding home button.
  • Continue holding home button until your iPhone goes in recovery mode.
  • Select “Update and Restore” option to restore your phone and erase all data.
  • Wait until the process get completed properly.

Well, the above step will allow your to backup and erase iPhone data completely. However, due to certain limitation users often face troubles while trying to use iTunes utility. In such circumstances, the question arise while selling iPhone, how to backup and erase data without iTunes? Well, there is no need to worry about as with using a reliable third party utility iPhone Backup Software you can easily backup all your important data before restoring your phone.

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Selling iPhone, How to Backup and Erase Data

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