Hi friends, myself Asher Carlos I’ve HTC One M8 EYE and its a superb device. However last evening as I was snapping images the phone abruptly switched off. When I restarted, I found out that all my important images have gone. I don’t have any clue how to recover those lost photos? Does anyone know how to retrieve deleted data from HTC One M8 EYE ? Thanks !!

Retrieve deleted data from HTC One M8 EYE

Hello Asher Carlos, don’t worry!! Fortunately you’ve come to the right place browse this post carefully to retrieve deleted data from HTC One M8 EYE safely. As we all know, HTC is a world class brand for producing outstanding smartphone that are equipped with latest technologies. As compared to other mobile devices, HTC One M8 EYE stands out apart mainly due to its 5 inch super LCD3 touchscreen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 13 MP camera with dual LED flash. That’s why is being preferred by many users. However, like any other device it also saves images in memory card which is not fully protected. There are many cumbersome incidences when users have to suffer from data loss situations like virus or malware attack, accidental deletion formatting memory card unknowingly, factory resetting, internal software or hardware defect, upgrade failure, corrupted memory card, interruption during file transfer etc.

Use Android Recovery Software

Losing your valuable data can be very painful as pictures reminds of our memorable moments therefore, it is necessary to retrieve deleted data from HTC One M8 EYE immediately. However, if you have lost your precious data, there’s an excellent news, you can retrieve deleted data from HTC One M8 EYE effectively by using a robust third party tool i.e Android Recovery Software. This recovery tool also supports topmost phones including Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Asus, Xiaomi, Motorola etc. It is also recovers all types of image, video and audios file formats as well. This software is very user friendly and also give the choice to preview your files during file recovery. Android Recovery Software is also compatible with all the versions of Mac and Windows OS.

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                                  You can also create backup of your data by using-

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Retrieve deleted data from HTC One M8 EYE

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