Last time i have accidentally deleted my iPhone text message and unfortunately i don’ have created backup. But now i regularly create backup of text message on iCloud. But the problem is that i don’t know how to restore text messages from iCloud to my iPhone. So if anybody have idea about this then please let me know. Thanks…

Well, if you want to know about the process of restoring text messages from iCloud to my iPhone then you don’t have to search more, because here you will get all the information regarding your problem. However, like any other data of iPhone the text message is also included in the iCloud backup. This means that you can restore the text message if it existed on your iPhone when the iCloud backup was made. But unfortunately you can not restore only text message, you have to download all the backup from iCloud. This will requires erasing your iPhone and setting it up from scratch, during which you will be given the opportunity to log into your iCloud account and restore your backup from there. If you are having difficulties in restoring the message from iCloud in your iPhone then you can restore text messages from iCloud to your friends iPhone or some other iOS device like iPad. You just have to login in the iCloud from and you are able to get back your message.

But iCloud has also some limitation like slow processing and it has limited storage, so if the storage of iCloud get full then it will stop creating backup. So if you are having difficulties in the process to restore text messages from iCloud then don;t worry. You can use some their party software to recover your message. iPhone recovery software is one of the prominent utility which can easily recover your message which you are not able to get from your iCloud backup.

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You can also backup your data using;

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Restore Text Messages from iCloud to my iPhone

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