My name is Aliza and I am using tablet of Micromax brand. I have saved lots of videos, pictures , apps on it. Today I have transfer some pictures from my tablet to Windows PC. During the process of transfer I have deleted accidentally the selected Pictures. There pictures are very precious for me and I don’t want to loose them at any cost. Can any one tell me what is the proper solution to restore deleted pictures on Android Tablet.

Now a days tablet is most popular and elegant gadget among all the age group of people. It is the perfect combination of all features of mobile phone and laptop PC. With all outstanding features, android tablets are light in weight hence you can carry it around where you go. Android tablet lets you to perform video calling, capturing videos and pictures, recording audio, downloading various apps, accessing emails and so on. Android tablet comes with internal memory and external memory to store large volume of data. It come integrated with dual core and Android OS so it is become very easy to navigate through various applications simultaneously with ease.

Despite of having all brilliant characteristic, there is loss of pictures on android tablet still exist. Android tablet user may come across with photo loss issue in various ways such as Accidental deletion of pictures, severe virus attack, improper handling of Tablet, Wrong way of formatting memory card, Using unreliable third party applications on tablet by downloading from unknown sites. Hence its become necessary to take immediate action to restore deleted pictures on Android Tablet.

Usually user thinks that once photos has deleted from tablet are permanently removed. This is not the truth, as a matter of fact no photo file is completely loss unless new photos are saved onto tablet after photo deletion. If the memory space of the tablet is not over written with new data, you can easily restore deleted pictures with the help of third party Android recovery software. This software is capable to retrieve lost, corrupted, or damaged data from smartphone or tablet. It is compatible with all versions of Operating system including Windows vista, 7/8/10 and MAC system. Therefore install android recovery software as soon as possible in order to restore deleted pictures on Android Tablet.

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For back up files

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Restore Deleted Pictures on Android Tablet : Complete tutorial

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