I am using iPhone 4 with iOS version 4.3.4 and i didn’t face any problem while backing it up. I usually do the backup with the same setup, but today when i was trying to backup it hangs. I have tried many time after restarting it and reconnecting it but it hangs continuously. Is there any way to resolve the iPhone 4 hangs during backup problem?

The worlds technology is advancing day by day and there are several types of gadget available but there is nothing which can beat iPhone. The craze of iPhone has increased only and there are millions of users of this outstanding device. Well there is no doubt that it is an optimal device but having issues with iPhone is also a common thing. Today we are going to discuss such an annoying issue iPhone 4 hangs during backup. It is necessary to always backup your iPhone because it consist lots of important data which can be lost any time due to some uncommon circumstances. But while doing the backup with Tunes many users have experience that their device hangs. So if you are also suffering from the same problem then don’t be panic because the problem has solution. You can use the following steps to get rid from this annoying issue.

  • First you have to reset your synchronization history
  • Now delete all the previous backup
  • Then select “Run as Administrator” by Right click on command prompt
  • Now run the command “netsh winsock reset”
  • Reboot your device

After implementing all the steps if your iPhone 4 hangs during backup then it is due to the iTunes. iTunes is an useful utility but sometime it creates problem due to its limitation. It works well only when it get high speed Internet. Apart form that it can cause the iPhone and the system run slow even sometime the iPhone hangs. So the better option to get rid from the issue is to use some third party software. iPhone backup software is the best utility ever through which you can easily backup your iPhone without any problem.

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User iPhone Recovery Software to Recover iPhone Data

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Resolved iPhone 4 Hangs During Backup

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