The most used OS among the world is Android OS. The one essential feature of this OS is it support multiples of apps and give user freedom to use hundreds of apps on their particular Android device. Well you are familiar with “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error. This error occur while numbers of apps are running on the phone, or even the apps which shows the message have fill their data to maximum number that CPU get overheated. After seeing this type of message generally user get frustrated and do silly things like uninstall the apps or format the device completely. Without realizing that there is no any back-up done and by doing these they loss all of their data. Well this topic will tell you how to recover files after “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” error in Android Phone.


Getting worried on this situation and doing silly mistake will cost you and in this case it happens. The problem is not too big that user have to worry that much. But off-course for those who are unaware from it will get panic, but we suggest you not to get panic and see some tips that will fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error In Android Phone. The given few methods will fix these type of issues :

  • Clear Cache of the apps
  • Reset the application
  • reinstall the particular application
  • Update the application
  • Factory Reset the device

But remember while doing this you must make a back-up of all the data, if not make any back-up and in hurry you perform any of the above methods then you will loss all the data present on your android device. And the blame goes to “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error. Well here is one more way to prevent the data loss issue. You can use Android Back-up Software to prevent the data from getting deleted. While if you have such a silly mistake without making any back-up then don’t be an engineer, use Android Recovery Software to get all the deleted files back on the device. Well both the tool support all type of Android Model. Like Samsung Galaxy 7, Honor, Moto G4. Thus if you get any issues on Android device these tool will help you to Recover Files After “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error In Android Phone.

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If you want to backup Android data, then make use of the very Android Backup Software.

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Recover Files After “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error In Android Phone

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