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Hi friends, recently I bought a very latest smartphone Lenovo vibe k5 from online store. I have saved lots of my photos and videos in the gallery. Due to mistake of my little sister the all gallery items has been deleted. The problem is that I do no have the backup file of those files. Is there any other way to recover deleted gallery items on Lenovo vibe k5 ? Help please……

Now a days almost everyone having smartphone and they all stored their important data like photos, videos, music, etc in the phone. On the other hand it is equally true that loss of data from smartphone has became most common issue among users. As you said that your all data from gallery of your Lenovo vibe k5 has been deleted and you are looking for the solution to recover deleted gallery items on Lenovo vibe k5. So you will be glad to know that you have come to right place where you will get complete help. The most common reason for the data loss is accidental deletion. But other reasons like corruption of SD card, attack of virus, software/hardware issue, formatting the phone unintentionally, factory reset are also responsible for data loss. It is really a very unhappy moment when someone loss their data and he even don’t have backup. But thees days it became possible to recover data that has bee lost due to any reasons.

There is third party software named as android recovery software, which can easily recover deleted gallery items on Lenovo vibe k5. It is supporting in any android smartphone and give better result in recovery of data. Many peoples across the world has used this software and gave their positive response about the working of this software. This software is designed with advance features and it is providing easy to use interface to handle its all functionalities. It takes few time to recover any data with in their actual format.

                     download-recovery  buynow1

In case you want to make backup

                      download-backup-softw  buynow1

Recover Deleted Gallery Items on Lenovo vibe k5

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