Vivo smartphone come with great features. With good camera quality and high quality sound…. the phone have became more popular day by day. But is it save enough, well every smartphone have a backup feature which can restore your file when it get deleted. Now if you have not make any backup and accidentally delete files, the first question comes is that how to recover deleted files from Vivo phones. One way is to get all the deleted file from backup files, if you have make any backup if not then you must learn some step to recover it back.


Vivo is a multinational company established at China that designs and develops advance tech devices, manufactures smartphones, smartphone accessories, software and services online. Including Vivo phones offer better sound experience, and this is one of the main reasons why it was welcomed by the user. Live mobile became popular in 2014 and later, many people buy in different countries. It has its own quality and features that allow the user to store large amounts of data on the device. But how do we know that data loss has become commonplace and therefore Vivo mobile users face the same problem. Losing files / data due to several reasons of Vivo phone. They were looking for a solution to recover deleted files (photos, contacts, text messages, video, audio and other data) from Vivo phone? Well this can be done by using Android data recovery tool to recover deleted files from Vivo phones

It is also important that you know more through which one can can avoid future losses and don;t have to face loss of data on your Android phone :

  • While removing unnecessary files such as pictures, videos, SMS messages, WhatsApp, audio files, contacts, etc.
  • In this case, you choose some important files by accident, and press Delete.
  • The user can also cope with complete data loss if you accidentally run the “Remove All” option on your Android device.
  • sudden or improper removal of memory card will delete your smartphone data stored on the card.
  • File System failure could also lead to file corruption and hence their files become inaccessible.
  • The virus attacks your android card card / phone memory or stored data is corrupt and makes them inaccessible.

Well Android Data recovery tool will easily recover deleted file from Vivo phone. But you also be aware that make backup of the data is also an important aspects. Thus to make a backup file of Vivo phone data you can use the Android Backup tool.

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Recover Deleted Files from Vivo Phones

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