Hi everyone, i am very desperate to know about the easy solution to recover deleted files from HTC Desire 816G. Last month on my birthday i got this phone as a gift from my grandfather. I stored lot of images, videos and music in HTC Desire 816G. But due to a minor mistake i have lost all of them. I mistakenly select the delete all button and lost all data. The main problem is that i don’t have backup file. Please help me to get back all of those deleted files from my phone. Thanks in advance….

This is a very common problem when user deleted stored files from their mobile phone and getting too much worried about its recovery. Well, if you also lost your files from your phone HTC Desire 816G and wants to recover deleted files from HTC Desire 816G in a quick way then you have arrived at correct place. In these days HTC brand smartphones is so popular. Recently HTC Desire 816G has been launched all over the world. This phone is based on all latest features and the design of this phone is so impressive. User can store their important files in the phone and access it easily. Using the external memory card you can increase the memory of phone and store lot of data. Using its powerful camera you can shoot photos and videos with a very amazing clarity. But in spite of its good functionalities sometimes the stored files in the phone will be lost. So keep creating the backup file regularly. Before knowing about recover deleted files from HTC Desire 816G take a look on possible reasons of file loss from HTC Desire 816G.

Possibilities Of File loss From HTC Desire 816G

  • Accidental deletion
  • improperly handling of phone.
  • Pulling out the SD card during file transmission
  • Corruption of SD card
  • Automatic power shut down
  • Software or Hardware Malfunction
  • Formatting unintentionally
  • Physical damage

Android Recovery Software

Android Recovery software is the best solution to recover deleted files from HTC Desire 816G. It is very effective working tool that is specially developed for the recovery of any lost data from mobile phone. It can be used for any android phone. It search, scan and save the lost data in their actual formats. It offers highly interactive interface.

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For Data Backup of Android Phone

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Recover Deleted Files From HTC Desire 816G

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