Do you want to recover android device data in case of forgot password? Well, using phone lock is quite useful as it prevent your phones data from any kind of unauthorized access. Password is also quite useful in case if you lost your phone. However, it has been often seen that users stuck in sever trouble due to forgetting the password. Unfortunately if you forget your phone password then it will really be disaster for you as you won’t be able to access or use your own phone. In such situation users badly needs to recover Android device data in case of forget password. However, you will first need to unlock your phone cause as long as your phone is locked your won’t be able to access or restore data.

How to Unlock Phone Without Password

  • First of all switch off your Android phone.
  • Now press volume up + home + power buttons sententiously.
  • From different option select Restore Factory Defaults.
  • Select “Reboot System Now” option and wait for reboot.

The above steps will restore your phone on factory settings and remove your old password so that you will be able to access in your phone and can also create a new password as well. However, this process of factory reset will remove all users data from your phone. Well, there is no need to worry about that as once your phone is unlocked then you can easily restore previously created backup in order to restore all your lost Android data. In case if there is no backup available then in such circumstances you should better opt for a reliable third party utility in order to restore all your lost files. You can make use of Android Recovery Software as it is very quick, effective and easy to use utility which can easily restore all your lost Android phone data after any kind of critical data crisis scenario. Therefore, it is recommended to make use of this amazing utility in order to recover android device data in case of forgot password.

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Use Android Backup Software to Backup your Android Phone Data

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Recover Android Device Data In Case of Forgot Password

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