Android phones quickly became a central element in the daily lives of millions of people. So much so that to be above the pocket digital assistant would be disproportionate to the situation of many of us. One of the areas that can strike fear into the hearts is that the device itself is damaged by a virus or simply stops working due to some flaws in the software. If your Android phone or tablet not work properly or may have a virus, you should try to make the transition to recovery mode. Recovery mode is something that does not want to use it often, but it will be very grateful when it comes to their rescue. To solve the “No Command” Error on your Android device read the post. However these error can also cause data lose, so make sure you have make a back-up if not then jump down to do it.

“No Command” Error

It can be run directly in recovery mode and is used to factory reset the device, clear the cache partition, or use the update software. It is a lot of geek interview: You can help solve your device. The system, which is in its processes and cleaning phone and writing data related to the operating system. So when you install updates or perform a factory reset, these tasks are handled by recovery mode. “No Command” Error comes out within the recovery mode option. So apply the steps carefully.

Enter Recovery Mode Without Getting “No Command” Error :

Recovery mode is quite easy when you know the right is used to print. Sometimes, when running in recovery mode you can see the Android robot (icon) back or exclamation mark in a triangle saying “No charge.” You often see a little more with cryptic names like “BP Tools”, but it is better if left alone because they can damage the phone if you choose a wrong choice. In most cases, when a user tries to renew the phone they will not have any problems but occasionally here and there some users found with screen Android device without end.

  • Press Power, Volume Down, Volume UP, Home Button to bring up the Menu.

If this not work on the Android device then you might have to folloe the listed steps.

  • Press Volume Up and Down simultaneously
  • Press Power and Volume Up
  • Press Power and Volume Down
  • Press Power + Volume Up and Home Button
  • Press Power + Down Volume and Home Button

Usually recovery mode is used to reset the Android device, but before making it be sure you have done back-up of your files and apps. If this is not done yet the Try Android Backup Tool.

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“No Command” Error In Android Phone [Solved]

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