Hey friends, I am an user of android phone since five years but recently purchased a new iPhone. There is several important contacts and messages are in my android phone and I want to move them in my new iPhone but don’t know how to do. Can somebody suggest me the that how can I move contacts and messages from android to iPhone in a simple way.

Hi there, you will be glad to know that in order to looking for the solution to move contacts and messages from android to iPhone, you have come to right place. This post will teach you easy and safe way to transfer any of your android phone data to iPhone. There are many users who searched this query over the Internet. Let me tell you that the contacts and messages are very important resource so we should keep it safe. There are few methods which you can use to move any data from android phone to iPhone. You can take hep of two application iTuens and iCloud. The iTunes is a off-line process and the iCloud is an online process. But it is seen that most of he time these two application gets fail and does not respond. Apart from these two solution there is one more solution is available which is the best one. It is actually a third party software which is popularly known as iPhone backup software. Its an ideal solution through that help to move your move contacts and messages from android to iPhone.

The main advantage of this software is its compatibility with the all models of an iPhone. It is easy to use as it provides user friendly interface. Using this software you can create the backup file easily. You can use it free version for demo and once get satisfied then buy its licensed version.

             download-backup-softw   buynow1

In case you want to recover iPhone  data

             download-recovery   buynow1

Move Contacts and Messages From Android to iPhone

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