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Hello everybody, my name is Sam and I have been using an iPhone since two years. As I am an businessman so my lots of important data are stored in my iPhone. One of my good friend suggested me to create the backup file of all data from iPhone so that if in case your data gets deleted then you can recover it easily. He suggested me to use iTunes to create the backup file. But I noticed that the iTunes wont backup iPhone to computer. Can you please provide me any other alternate solution that helps me to create the backup file. Please help……

Hi Sam, it is really very good to create the backup file. But as you said that the iTunes won’t backup iPhone to computer, so I would like to inform you that here you will get the information about a best solution of creating backup file. Like you many of the iPhone users are going through the same situation across the world. Data is such a valuable resource and its really very painful moment when our important data get lost. The basic reason of data loss from an iPhone is accidental deletion. So pay attention while deleting any file. The data might be loss due to some other reasons also like incorrect upgrade of iOS, mishandling of an iPhone, software or hardware issue, etc. Let me tell you that in the every model of an iPhone there are two inbuilt application iTunes and iCloud that can create backup file. But sometimes these application won’t work. So on that case you need to go with the iPhone backup software. Its a third party software which can be easily installed into your computer. The bets part is that it is compatible with all the models of an iPhone. This software is the best tool to create the backup file of your iPhone data. Hence whenever you noticed that the iTunes wont backup iPhone to computer then take help of this software.

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To recover iPhone data use iPhone recovery software

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iTunes Won’t Backup iPhone to Computer

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