Is your iPod not being recognized by computer? Are you really getting annoyed and frustrated due to this issue? Then fortunately you’ve come to the correct spot, browse this post carefully to learn the best how to resolve this effectively.

iPod Not Being Recognized By Computer

iPod is an excellent and advanced gadget which is designed by Apple Inc. It’s an utmost joy to listen music in this wonderfully manufactured device. However, it has been seen that users iPod not being recognized by computer and it has become the common problem which is faced by many users across the globe. Well, there are several reasons for this cumbersome situation such as defective cables or networking device, using improper method, connecting Ipods USB in wrong way, internal faults in computers and many more things. If your iPod not being recognized by computer then it can be terrible scenario you will not be able to transfer your favorite music and audio files to system. Moreover, it will not synchronize with iTunes hence you will not create backup as well. However, you can do some manual settings and check if it works or not. Some troubleshooting tips are mentioned below-

1. Install the latest version of iTunes in your computer.
2. Go to Start button and type Device
3. Choose Device Manager and then elaborate Portable Devices
4. Check for Apple iPod USB Driver or even apple iPod.
5. Right click on that and choose Properties.
6. Now, select the Driver option and then choose Update Driver function.
7. Select Browse my computer for driver software and choose Browse button.
8. Finally click OK then Next and again OK.

Use iPod Backup Software

Hopefully the above steps will rectify iPod not being recognized by computer issue. If still the problem occurs then we recommend to use an genuine and robust third party tool .i. iPod Backup Software. This software is designed by highly qualified individuals and its user friendly also. It requires minimum efforts just install and run the program it will automatically get recognized by your computer and after you can create backup of precious music files. In this way it will safely fix iPod not being recognized by computer problem. iPod backup software is compatible with all the version of Windows and Mac operating system so you don’t have to worry much.

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If you have lost data from iPod then opt for-

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iPod Not Being Recognized By Computer

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