My iPhone won’t turn on….. one of the biggest and scariest issue for the iPhone user. It’s not usually not a common issue. However due to this problem many of the iPhone user have lost their data. You are viewing a black screen iPhone, wondering what to do, because it’s not easy. Press the power button on your iPhone – and nothing happens. Smartphone does not respond. I hope this problem will never face. That might be true if the problem is bad enough, but there are many ways to try to fix your iPhone before deciding he was dead. Due to this error or issue you can even lose all the data from iPhone, then in this case you need help of recovery. Well here you can find on of it.

We depend on our mobile devices for almost everything these days. They are also very expensive, especially if you need to replace subsidized facilities. Fortunately, in most cases it does not match the iPhone can be arranged. However my iPhone won’t turn on issue can be fixed if you manage to apply these trick on your device.

My iPhone Won’t Turn On : How To Fix It / Recover Lost Data

Charge Your Phone

It may seem obvious, but make sure that your iPhone battery is sufficiently charged to start the phone. Connect the device into the charger and wait at least five minutes. You should see a window notifying that your iPhone is charging. After a while, the device should start automatically.

Restart iPhone

If the battery charging does not turn on your iPhone, the next thing you should try to restart the phone. To do this, hold down the on / off button at the top right or right edge of the phone for a few seconds. This will restart your iPhone.

Hard Reset the iPhone

A hard reset is like a reset that clears through the device memory to a hard reset. To do this simply hold down the home and power at the same time. You should see the Apple logo for 10 seconds. Release the buttons and the unit will start. After this “my iPhone won’t turn on” issue will never appear, however but after this all of your files be lost. So for the Recovery Of iPhone data use iPhone Recovery Tool.

Hope after these step no one can say “my iPhone won’t turn on”. Well but for this they have to lost some data. However smart user have already made the backup, if you have miss this chance first use iPhone Backup Software.

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If you want to backup your important file from your iPhone to Computer or other devices, then you must try the very iPhone Backup Software

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My iPhone Won’t Turn On : How To Fix It / Recover Lost Data

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