Last night i have taken some memorable pictures of my friends wedding and i want to save them to my Mac computer because my iPhone memory was full. But when i try to sync my iPhone with the help of iTunes, it refuse to recognize the iPhone. It is really irritating. So if you have any solution regarding iPhone not recognized by iTunes on mac then please suggest me. Thanks…

There is no doubt that iPhone is a spectacular device which is loaded with many wonderful features and as a result its users are increasing day by day. We can utilize our iPhone in many ways like communication, for storing data and for fun. But it is bad luck that the data stored on it is always not safe and there is always possibility of data loss in iPhone. So the best thing to get rid from data loss is to have a backup of all the important data and Mac is one of the safest place to store the data. When it comes to transfer iPhone files then the first thing which came in our mind is iTunes. But as mentioned in the above scenario sometime iTunes create problem and it can refuse to recognize the iOS device. Well if your iPhone not recognized by iTunes on mac then don’t worry. In this situation there should be various reason that can cause the problem like when the iTunes is outdated then it create problem. Many time the iTunes not supports the iOS version. So you can try after updating the both iTunes and iOS.

After updating the iTunes and your iOS still the iPhone not recognized by iTunes on mac then you have to think about some other option. To transfer iPhone data on Mac you can take the help of some third party utility like iPhone backup software. This is a reliable utility which overcomes the limitation of iTunes and easily transfer data from iPhone to other storage device. It doesn’t matter which iOS you are using it supports all the version of iOS.

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If you want the iPhone Data Recovery then, try this;

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iPhone Not Recognized by iTunes on Mac

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