Is your iPhone Live Photos Not Working? Are you looking for the best and instant fix? Then fortunately, you’ve come to the correct spot, browse this guide to rectify this problem in simple steps.

iPhone Live Photos Not Working

Apple has recently launched its latest flagship device .i.e iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and they are the first company to introduce live photos features. Basically a Live Photo is a blend of upto a 3 second .mov file and a still .jpp file which is captured automatically as soon as you press the shutter button of your iPhone 6s ans 6s plus camera application. The camera automatically starts to record the moment you tab the button. It is the new and innovative feature which presents best live video shots. However, it has been that users are facing a cumbersome scenario their iPhone Live Photos Not Working. Well, there are many reasons for this situation it may be because of improper camera settings, virus or malware infection which caused iPhone Live Photos corruption or you may have enabled the reduce motion feature. To turn off the reduce motion feature follow the below mentioned steps-

1. Open the Settings App.
2. Tap on General.
3. Go to Accessibility.
4. Select the option for Reduce Motion and turn it Off.

Use iPhone Backup Software

These steps steps will surely work and resolve iPhone Live Photos Not Working issue easily. Nonetheless, if still the problem doesn’t get fixed then we recommend you to create backup of backup of your essential data including iPhone Live photos before any mishap as nobody knows when disaster knocks your door. Therefore its better to create backup rather than kicking yourself later. In order to make backup we suggest you to opt for a dependable and robust third party tool i.e iPhone Backup Software. this software is designed by expert professionals which will help to fix iPhone Live Photos Not Working problem effectively. Moreover iPhone Backup Software is also capable to create backup of all your contacts, music files, videos, applications, images, call history and many more things. This backup tool is suitable with all the models of iPhone as well.

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If you have lost iPhone Data then you can opt for-

                   download-recovery       buynow1

iPhone Live Photos Not Working

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