iPhone backup file not showing in iTunes

Are you getting problem in backup iPhone data through iTunes? Is your iPhone backup file not showing in iTunes installed in your computer? If these sentence belongs to you then you are at the right place. In this post you will get the perfect solution regarding the same issue.

Today technology is outpaced day by day and in this scenario every one is trying to be updated with the latest gadget. iPhone is such a gadget which is advance with new technology from which users can do lots of things. iPhone is more like a multimedia device where users can store large amount of musics, images, videos and other multimedia files. But sometime users store so much data that the memory of the iPhone get full. So they can create backup of their data with the help of iTunes. iTunes is a backup utility provided by Apple to all iOS device through which users manage and backup data. But have you ever think what will happen when you create iPhone backup using iTunes and after that when you try to access those data you will find that iPhone backup file not showing in iTunes. This is a very shocking moment for us because all our hard work in making backup goes to waste. iPhone backup failing is a common issue and their are multiple reason behind this such as transferring the data in low battery, using outdated version of iTunes and some other connectivity related problem.

To resolve the iPhone backup file not showing in iTunes issue make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes in your computer. Also check that your operating system is supporting or not the iTunes version. If you have already stuck in the situation then don’t worry. iTunes has many drawback so it is better to use some third party transfer software. iPhone backup software is the best application through which you can easily create your iPhone backup. This tool has not any limitation like iTunes. So if you want to backup your iPhone data safely then it is recommended to use iPhone backup software.

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To recover iPhone data you can use iPhone recovery software

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iPhone Backup File Not Showing in iTunes

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