iPhone 7 recent calls not showing, well pretty sure that your iPhone 7 is having some issue which is need to be fixed very quickly. The same issue was also seen on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5, but was fixed with few simple steps. But for the new model and new function it is obvious due to some silly issue and error you are getting this iPhone 7 recent calls not showing error. What actually happen to the device, is it damage or been infected with corrupt files. Hold On !!! what if the device get corrupted and all the files will be invincible because of one just silly error. How to fix this kind of problem without losing any data or without changing important settings. All these question is going right through your mind. Well due to some advance technique and few experts steps it is now very easy to fix iPhone 7 recent calls not showing issue.

Different user use differently there iPhone 7, it is packed with whole new feature which give you ultimate power to do lot more stuff like taking photos, music. This is not what a iPhone meant to be, for official use like preparing quick presentation, Asking any thing by just saying “Hey Siri”, Record HD video in deem light. Many more feature are available which you know more better. Having this much of feature and getting frustrated error like iPhone 7 recent calls not showing, is very disappointing. Well not anymore, now you just only need to focus what is the possible way to fix this issue. The one simple steps is given below will definitely help you to fix iPhone 7 recent calls not showing.

But remember this step can erase all the settings and even store data, so it’s better to make a backup of your iPhone 7 data using iPhone Backup Software. Using this Backup Software you can easily secure your data in safe location and can use it whenever you want to use. Now here is the tips to fix iPhone 7 recent calls not showing.

  • Go to Settings
  • Then after touch General Option
  • Here press the Reset Option
  • Again to the “Reset All Settings”

This will fix the iPhone 7 recent calls not showing, while it have worked on many user device. Hope you can also be one of them to fix this issue. But also note that on few device the data was erased, but as they have followed the instruction which they have make early backup using iPhone Backup Software so they have easily recover the erased data from iPhone 7

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In case if you have encounter data loss from your iPhone and looking for effective solution to get them back then you try the very iPhone Recovery Software

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iPhone 7 Recent Calls Not Showing : How To Fix It

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