Hello friends, my name is Jack and I am an user of iPhone 6. Actually, my iPhone 6 frozen during update and when I restart it then I noticed that all of my important data has been lost. It is really a very frustrating situation to me. I don’ know how to recover my lost data because I haven’t created the backup file. Can somebody suggest me any other way to get back my lost data from my iPhone 6. please help!!!!!!!

Hi Jack, it is really a matter of worry when someone lose their data as its a very essential resource. But as you reached here so do not get worried anymore about the recovery of your lost data due to iPhone 6 frozen during update. This post will make you aware about another alternate of data recovery apart from backup file. Well, freezing of iPhone while updating the iOS is a very common issue and this always results to loss of data. Actually when you don’t have proper Internet connection while updating and the updating process gets stuck in between then you will notice that the iPhone gets freeze. This is not only the reason of data loss from iPhone as in many other reason you may lose the data. The most popular causes of data is accidental deletion, software or hardware malfunctioning, incorrect update, improper handling, abrupt shut down etc. As you asked about the recovery of lost data because of iPhone 6 frozen during update, so I would suggest you a third party tool which supports all model of iPhone. Its name is iPhone recovery software and it is providing easy to use interface so that the non technical user can also use it. This software is capable to deal with any issue of data loss and completes the data recovery process in a very less time. It throughly scan your iPhone and get back the lost data in their actual format.

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Want to backup iPhone data

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iPhone 6 Frozen During Update

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