Is your iPad 5 not connecting to iTunes? Are you not able to create backup of all your vital data? Do you desperately want to fix this troublesome issue immediately? Then, there’s no need to get panic and anguish at all. Your search finally ends here !! Browse this guide calmly to get perfect solution.

iPad 5 not connecting to iTune

First of all if have an iPad 5 then, you must be proud owner. Apple iPad 5 is blend of smart specifications, incredible design, innovative features and latest technologies. It enhances users experience with its outstanding user interface and overall functionality. However, it has been seen that many users are facing trouble because their iPad 5 not connecting to iTunes. It can be a very frustrating and annoying situation because if iTunes doesn’t connect you will not able to create backup of essential iPad 5 data. Moreover, there are chances that you might also have to suffer from data loss situation in iPad 5 due to various factors such as memory card corruption, broken, stolen or water damage, accidental deletion, virus infection, upgrading iOS version improperly, factory resetting etc. Losing your important data from any device can be devastating and painful because it takes several months and aspiration to store them. Therefore, it is necessary to resolve iPad 5 not connecting to iTunes issue immediately.

Well, in order to fix iPad 5 not connecting to iTunes you have make sure that all basics are covered. Follow the below mentioned steps to see if the problem gets resolved or not.

  • Restart your system and iPad 5 device
  • Update your computer
  • Update the latest iTunes firmware
  • See if your iOS device trusts your system
  • Check the USB cable for any faults
  • Verify that apple iPad 5 device support is installed

Use iPad Backup Software

If still the iPad 5 not connecting to iTunes then, we recommend you to opt for a third party tool. Therefore, it is suggested that you should take help of iPad Backup Software. This backup software creates backup of all the data of your device including applications call history, voices call, text messages, notes, contacts, photos, music, Saved games without any trouble. Apart from these features iPad Backup Software is compatible with all the versions of Mac and Windows Operating system as well.

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For iPhone/iPad Data Recovery Opt for-

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iPad 5 Not Connecting To iTunes

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