You are dealing with h the problem where the iOS 9 iCloud Backups have stopped working on iPhone. The Apple provided the iCloud backup solution which can be used on all the apple devices and computer. You can easily sign up and account on the iCloud and start uploading the data in the cloud storage. You can store certain amount of data in there but the capacity can be expanded by making payment. This usually require high data speed connection if you want to upload or download larger files. If you have configured the setting where certain types of file or folder are selected then these data will get automatically uploaded as soon as the device is connected to the internet. When the file is successfully uploaded then you can download it whenever you require it. But what if the iOS 9 iCloud Backups have stopped working on iPhone, you will not be able to get the files that are saved up there.

You may have been already lost the file from the iPhone that’s why you are looking for backup. There can be any signin problem in the iCloud account that is not allowing you to access the contents so you should properly logout and then signin. If the problem still persist then you can not use the iCloud in that can you should try to recover the file directly from the iPhone device. You may also look for any personal backup source and if it does not work then you can use the iPhone recovery software. It will scan and recover all your data from the iPhone storage. Here you will also get the backup which can be used as an alternate of the iCloud backup as you can create the back in your own personal computer as the iOS 9 iCloud Backups have stopped working on iPhone. So you should download the software now and use it.

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To Backup iPhone Data use :-

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iOS 9 iCloud Backups have stopped working on iPhone

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