iCloud Storage Full Error in iPhone6

Hi friends i have an iPhone 6 which i got on my birthday. I have stored lots of data in it now its storage is full and i want to remove some space from it. I decide to save some data on iCloud but when i want to do that i get Storage Full Error. If anyone has solution to fix iCloud storage full error in iPhone 6 then please help me. Thanks.

Apple is one of the known brand in the world which has created many type of gadget but iPhone is the one among them which has got millions of users in the world. There are many people who rely on iPhone in daily life because of its so many convenient features. Using iPhone in our daily life means that we have store a large amount of data. To maintain our data we use to save them on iCloud which is utility provided by Apple to all its iOS device. We can store lots of data on it or create backup of our data. But sometime when users going to store data on iCloud it display Storage Full Error. iCloud storage full error in iPhone 6 is one of the common issue which is faced by users. If you are getting the error then make sure that the storage is really full or not. If the storage is displays in few MB then the storage is really full. In this case the other option to backup your data is to backup them on computer using iTunes. Just connect your iPhone 6 to iTunes and in few minutes your backup is done. But iTunes requires high speed Internet to work and any type of error while transferring from it can lead to data loss.

Don’t worry if you are also suffering from iCloud storage full error in iPhone 6 issue. You can backup your data to computer by using some third party software instead of iTunes. iPhone backup software is a magnificent utility through which you can backup your iPhone data in easy way. This tool is enabled with powerful feature which can backup your data safely without making any changes to them. It supports almost all the models of iTunes and it can be used on any Windows OS. So if you also want to backup your iPhone data safely then use iPhone backup software.

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To recover your iPhone data you can use iPhone recovery software

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iCloud Storage Full Error in iPhone 6

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