Hello everyone my name is Smith, i am using the latest iPhone 6s and once tried to create backup file of some important data through iCloud, i noticed an issue that “icloud backup not working estimating time remaining”. This issue stops me to create backup file. Will you please let me know the proper guidelines to fix this issue. Thanks to your help!!!!!

Hi Smith, it is not a big issue when icloud backup not working estimating time remaining, so you do not have to get tension about it. You just have to go through this post and get the solution of this problem. Now a days an iPhone is very demanding and its users are increasing day by day. The well featured iPhone will allow its users to store any data such as music, video, picture etc. The iPhone also provides an application iCloud which is inbuilt in the iPhone. The main feature of this application is to create backup file of the data which is stored in an iPhone. You have to create your account in iCloud and then you will be able to store any data on the iCloud server safely. You can further download it from the iCloud server. But sometime while creating the backup through iCloud you will notice that the iCloud backup not working estimating time remaining. The iCloud backup is mainly depending on Internet connection so weaker network will be the cause of this problem. You need to follow some steps after facing this problem icloud backup not working estimating time remaining. Firstly do soft reset of your iPhone and try again to create backup through iCloud. If the problem is still the same then delete the icloud account and sign-in back with another account. After doing these things if the problem has not cured then without wasting any of your time take help of iPhone backup software. It is the best software that will work very gentally in order to make backup file of your iPhone data. People who having any version of iPhone can take advantage of this software.

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iCloud Backup Not Working Estimating Time Remaining

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