Hello friends, few days before I have bought an iPhone 6s. It is really an amazing and more advanced from its previous versions. I am very happy to have this iPhone. Lots of my photo and videos I captured in it. I want to make the backup file of all the iPhone data in my computer. But I don’t have any idea about how do i backup my iPhone 6s to my computer ? Please help…….

Hi there, you don’t have to worry about how do i backup my iPhone 6s to my computer as you are at the right post, which provides you a complete knowledge about backup iPhone data. Well, it is not a very strange issue as lots of iPhone users are searching through Internet about how to backup the data. The iPhone 6s which you are using is the latest version of iPhone and incorporated with many new features. Its looks is also very nice which impresses the users all around the world. As far as the iPhone data concern, it is important to make the backup files of all the data. Let me tell you that in an iPhone there is an two inbuilt application iTunes and iCloud. Using these two applications you can create backup. iCloud is a online process and iTunes is a online process to create backup of your iPhone data. It is important to have more technical knowledge for using iTunes and iCloud as in order to making backup file if you made any little mistake then your data will be lost forever.

If you don’t have proper technical knowledge then avoid these two iTunes and iCloud. Take help of a third party tool which is named as iPhone backup software. It doesn’t need more technical knowledge and you can use it very easily. This is the best answer of your question how do i backup my iPhone 6s to my computer.

                                  download-backup-softw   buynow1

To Recover  lost iPhone data easily- 

                                    download-recovery   buynow1

How do I Backup My iPhone 6s to My Computer

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