How to use an iPod as a flash drive

Hi friends i have an iPod and i want to use it like flash drive to transfer some files from computer. But i don’t know how to exactly do it. If you have any suggestion regarding how to use an iPod as a flash drive then please help me. Thanks

iPod is wide range of portable media player which is designed by Apple Inc. It comes with lots of excellent features which make it very popular among gadget lovers. It hs the capacity of storing large amount of data and you can carry lots of your favorite music and videos in your pocket. Many users think is it possible to use their iPod as a flash drive to store some other content. It is possible because iPod can not only store music and videos it can also be used to save other files like Word files, Excel spreadsheet, PDF files and any other file format. But the problem is that many users don’t know how to use an iPod as a flash drive.

If you are also thinking about using your iPod as a storage device then first connect it to your computer using USB cable. Then open Windows explorer and then expand My computer. After following the steps you will see your iPod listed in the available drives. Now double click the iPod and create a folder in the iPod directory to save transported files. If you want to transfer contact and calendar then you can use iTunes which is a inbuilt tool provided by Apple to all iOS device. But be careful when using iTunes because it has some limitation and data loss is a common issue with iTunes.

If you are thinking about how to use an iPod as a flash drive and want to backup your iPod data then you will need a third party software. iPod backup software is the best application through which you can easily backup all your data to your computer without the fear of data loss. The tool is created by experts and has used advance technique in this. So if you are thinking for backup all your iPod data to computer then must use iPod backup software. It works on every Windows operating system and supports all the version of iPod.

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How to Use an iPod as a Flash Drive

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