How to unlock iPhone backup? I have created backup of my iPhone data in storage devices to restore iPhone data permanently. But today when I tried to access my data, it prompts a dialog box to enter the password but I don’t remember the password. Please help me to overcome from this critical situation. Thanks in advance.

iPhone is the best gadget in the world. It is liked by all age group of people due to its smart specification, elegant design and excellent performance. Apart from making calls and sending message, iPhone allows you to watch high definition videos, Play heavy graphics games, download a variety of apps from its apple store, browse the internet and many more thing. No one wants to loose their precious data so many iPhone user’s protect their data by creating backup in other storage devices and set a password to protect it from being accessed by any one. However sometimes there occurs a situation while accessing backup data you forget to enter the password. In his case you will no longer to access your backup data unless you recall the password. In this situation you would start thinking how to unlock iPhone backup. Well there are two ways to unlock the iPhone backup, first one is iCloud backup and second one is iPhone backup software.

Using iCloud: iCloud is an inbuilt utility tool provided by Apple for all its IOS devices. It is used to backup and restore vital files on iPhone. You can unlock iPhone backup with iCloud if you have an apple ID and Password. So login to your iCloud account and restore iPhone backup from iCloud backup. Byt due to certain limitations it is not an ideal choice for users.

Using iPhone recovery software: iPhone recovery software is the best tool in the recent market. It is designed to overcome the limitations and drawback of iCloud and iTunes. You can use this software to unlock iPhone backup without any doubt. Therefore if you want to learn the safest method on how to How to unlock iPhone backup then iPhone recovery software could be best option for you.

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Want to Backup iPhone data

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How to unlock iPhone backup

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