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Hi guys i am using an iPhone since last six month and i have downloaded many videos from Internet on it. I want to share some videos with my friends iPhone but the problem is that i don’t know how to transfer video from iPhone to iPhone. So if you have any suggestion then please let me know. Thanks

In this modern era we are using many types of smartphone but iPhone is leading in all of them. It comes with many splendid features which is the reason that its users are increasing more and more. One can do many interesting things with iPhone like playing music, clicking pictures, watching videos, surfing Internet and so more. It comes with spectacular camera which make users to click photos and shoot videos from it. There is no doubt that if you own an iPhone you must have store lots of multimedia files including videos on it. But Sometime situation arises that have to share those videos with some other iPhone and the problem is that many users don’t know about how to transfer video from iPhone to iPhone. There are many ways to do so. One method is that you can connect your iPhone with iTunes and easily share your videos to your friends iPhone. Another method is through iCloud. You just have to upload those videos to iCloud and later your friend can download it by login in iCloud with his iPhone.

So you can easily transfer video from iPhone to iPhone by using iTunes and iCloud as mentioned above. But it is also necessary to know that iTunes and iCloud both have limitation so it should be better to use some third party software for this operation. iPhone backup software is one of the perfect solution through which we can share our videos from iPhone to other iPhone. The application comes with many advanced features which can be used to share any type of multimedia files from iPhone to other iOS device.

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If you want to recover iPhone data then use iPhone recovery software

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How to Transfer Video from iPhone to iPhone

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