How to transfer video from Android to iPhone? This question have asked many times by many people. If you are also one of them then you have reached to the right place.

In the present day world videos and photos are the integral part of our life. Videos can be shoot by various digital devices like smartphone, iPhone, digital cameras and camcorders. Now a days most of the people like to shoot videos with android phone because it come with great features and in the budget too. Usually we store lots of data like videos, movies, files and other data on android phone in order to enjoy videos and other media file anywhere. Sometimes it happens when your android phone memory gets full or you bought new iPhone. Here you need to transfer video from android to iPhone. Then here again a question has raised how to transfer video from Android to iPhone. Well no need to take stress, there are three ways to perform this task, have a look

1 Using iTunes: iTunes is an inbuilt utility tool provided by Apple which backup your data and restore vital files on all IOS devices. Transmission of files from android to iPhone is the good idea with the help of iTunes software. But sometimes it fails to proceed the task. This is because it requires fast internet speed, while backup file it perform slow and the worst thing is you might loose your precious data after completing the task.

2 Using iCloud: It is also an inbuilt utility provided by Apple. It is also help you to achieve the task. But due to certain limitations it has been seen that it fails to give the expected result. While transferring data using iCloud you must be connected to the internet and it offers only 3 GB of data so it is not an ideal choice.

3 Using iPhone backup software: Indeed iPhone backup software is an ideal choice for sync video from android to iPhone. It is compatible with all windows system and including MAC also. It comes with manual guide that helps you to transfer video from android to iPhone. It is designed with aim to overcome the drawback of iTunes and iCloud. Therefore if you willing to know how to transfer video from Android to iPhone, install iPhone backup software immediately.

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In case you want to recover iPhone  data

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How to transfer video from Android to iPhone

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