Are you finding the best answer of your question “how to transfer sms from iPhone to android”. If yes then you don’t need to be worried anymore because you have reached at the correct destination. In this post you will surely get the proper answer of your question. Well, in this world there are so many users of an iPhone as well as Android smartphones. If you are thinking about transferring the sms from iPhone to android then i must tell you that there is no any manual method for that. You can make it possible only with the help of an inbuilt tool in the iPhone which is known as iTunes. Using this tool you can create the backup file of all the stored sms in an iPhone. Now from the backup, transfer the sms to your android smartphone. In fact it is considered as an answer of your question “how to transfer sms from iPhone to android”.

Transferring any data from iPhone to android can be made successful using the iTunes application. The sms is an important data that contains essential information. Like you, some other users who having iPhone and android smartphones are asking the same question that “how to transfer sms from iPhone to android”. It is informed to all the users that the iTunes application having some sort of limitations and that is why it is not responding in all cases. You should know that recently a third party software has been developed that helps to create backup of data, manage data and transfer the data easily from iPhone to android. This software is named as iPhone backup software. It can be used in any version of iPhone. User will get an easy instruction guide with this software for using the software functions easily. Many of the people has been used this software and get benefited. This software is offering interactive interface and taking less time to complete its process.

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For iPhone Data Recovery

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How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Android

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