How to Transfer Ringtones from Pc to iPhone? I have downloaded some ringtones on my computer and want to transfer them to iPhone. Can any one help me to achieve the task? Kindly help me.

Now a days there are many people who set ringtone on their phone for various purpose some are used to signify the different callers, for having fun and for identify the callers. Today you can easily download or purchased a variety of ringtones from the internet on your computer. When you have huge collection of ringtones you would start thinking to transfer some ringtones from PC to iPhone so that you can enjoy the ringtones over the iPhone at any point of time. In this case you would start wondering how How to Transfer Ringtones from Pc to iPhone. To overcome from such critical situation you need to use iTunes inbuilt features which is designed by Apple inc. To perform the task you need to follow some below steps:

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to Computer via USB

Launch iTunes on your computer automatically by connecting your iPhone device into your computer through USB

Step2 Start your iTunes

Launch iTunes app on your computer by double click on iTunes icons when iTunes did not start automatically

Step 3 Add Ringtones from computer to iTunes

In this step you need to add ringtones from computer to iTunes library. Itunes contains tone library along with other libraries like movies, Tv shows, music etc. If you don’t see it , go to add ringtones on iTunes then you will see tones will be displayed in your iTunes library. You can add ringtones from PC to iTunes by switching to the file menu>>select add file to library item from drop down list item.

Step 4  Select ringtones to sync to iPhone

Your iPhone name will be displayed on the left menu of iTunes. Here click on iphone>>Tones to open the ringtone tab

Step 5  Sync ringtones to iPhone via itunes

In this step click sync button in the bottom right corner of iTunes. In this way all selected ringtones will be synced to iPhone via iTunes.

However it has been seen that many user get stuck in the middle while transferring ringtones from PC to Iphone using iTunes. This is because iTunes features is having certain limitations and many user’s have lost their files after completion of process. Therefore it is highly recommended by experts to use iPhone backup software if you are wondering about how Transfer Ringtones from Pc to iPhone. Your data would be safe after completion of the task It can easily overcome the drawback of iTunes and icloud inbuilt features.

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How to Transfer Ringtones from PC to iPhone

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