How to transfer purchased apps from iPad to iPhone

Hi friends i am using an iPad and i have store lots of apps which i have purchased from App store. My friend also want those apps and he is having an iPhone. But i don’t know how to transfer purchased apps from iPad to iPhone. If you have suggestion then please help me. Thanks.

Today we are using several brands of electronic gadgets in our daily life and Apple is the widely used brand. It has produced many amazing devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod which entertains and help us to communicate in better way. You can store lots of multimedia data including interesting apps. These apps can be download free of cost or you can also purchase it from App store. Burt sometime a situation come when we have to transfer the purchased apps from iPad to iPhone as mentioned above. And the problem is that many users don’t know how to transfer purchased apps from iPad to iPhone.

There are several ways through which you can easily transfer your data from iPad to iPhone. You can use iTunes which is an inbuilt utility provide by Apple to backup and manage data. So just connect your device with iTunes and after that data will be transfered easily. Another way of transferring apps is iCloud. You have to store your iPad data to iCloud and after that you can easily download it by login with your iPhone. But the thing to be considered is that these utility comes with some limitation like low storage capacity and occurrence of any error can lead it to data loss.

It is better to use some third party software instead of using iTunes and iCloud. So if you are also searching about how to transfer purchased apps from iPad to iPhone and don’t want to use iTunes then you can take help of some third party software. iPad backup software is one of the trusted utility which can be used to transfer data from iPad to any other iOS device in safe manner. This software is specially designed to backup and sync data from iPad. This utility not only created backup of Apps but also for other data like music, video, pictures and other data.

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How to Transfer Purchased Apps from iPad to iPhone

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