You were quite fond of the iPhone and when you got that you started clicking photos with its great cameras both front and rear. All these photos are saved in the internal memory as there is no option for the sd card. The stored photos can be accessed, edited and shared from there but there are chances that the photos can get lost from the iPhone so you should make its backup but you should know how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac. There are instances where the user can press the delete button, a new user often makes a mistake where he has to reset the phone which erases the photos. If you have captured photos with any other app then uninstalling that app will remove the related images. So you should make the backup as it is quite necessary.

So for how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac there are several methods, you can try it in the manual way. You can connect the iPhone to your Mac through Thunderbolt wire and copy each photo to paste it in the Mac drive. This method also have many chances of mistake and it can corrupt several image files. You can also try to upload the pictures on iCloud but it requires high data transfer speed and you can not be always be connected to it. So what you need now is an automatic backup tool and the iPhone backup software will fulfill your requirement. When you install it in you Mac system and connect the iPhone it will detect the device and backup the data on the Mac drive automatically every time. This data is secure and can be restored when you need it. So now when you know how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac you should get the software now.

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To Recover iPhone data : –

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

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