You have captured lots of photos from iPhone and also the images that you downloaded from the social networking site or elsewhere are saved in the phone’s memory. You are aware of the fact that the storage is small and limited so it becomes necessary to move the image files to some other storage medium and system drive will be the preferred option for this task. You must be now thinking how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer. There are different methods to do that and you can choose as per your convenience. The lightning cable that is provided with the device can be used to connect the computer and the iPhone. You can directly copy paste the images or get the assistance from the iTunes application.

There is also a wireless method for how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, the Wi-Fi or the bluetooth connection can be used. However the main disadvantage of this transfer is that if the connection is lost in between then the images may get corrupted or even lost. One other alternative is the online storage upload, you can upload the images from iPhone and then you can download it from the system. You are always advised that you should create a backup and keep updating it so that if you have lost any of the image during the transfer process then it can be recovered. The iPhone backup software is the best you have been offered right now as the it can easily create the backup, automatically update it and restore when required. The software is quite easy to use and you will not have have to worry about any data loss from iPhone. So now when you have understood how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer download the software immediately.

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To Recover iPhone Data

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

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