Hello everyone i am James, i have recently purchased an new iPod and wants to transfer all media files from my iPad. But i really don’t know how to do this. Can anyone tell me that how to transfer media files from iPad to iPod ?

Hi James, i am happy to inform you that you have arrived at right spot where you will get complete idea about how to transfer media files from iPad to iPod. In recent market the demand of iPad and iPod is getting higher and higher because of its world class and innovative features. Both are product of a most renowned brand Apple. The technology used in both of them are very advance and rich. The media files like music, audio, video stored in the iPad can be transferred to the iPod using iTunes. The iTunes is an application that is present in iPhone, iPad and iPod. The all media files of your iPad is saved in the iLibrary folder. Before starting the media file transferring process you have to connect your iPad with computer through USB cable. Now use the iTunes to keep backup of all media files in the system. Furthermore you have to connect your iPod with computer and using iTunes transfer all media files easily.

But i must tell you that iTunes will only help only if you have backup of all media files. You should also aware of the fact that sometimes the iTunes gets corrupted and causes loss of backup files. This also not let you transfer the media files from iPad to iPod. This situations will make you frustrating. So in this situation the only thing will help you is iPad backup software. This will create backup of all media files so that you can easily transfer any data. This software is easy to handle as it comes with very friendly interface. The iPad backup software is designed with excellent features and the best thing is that it doesn’t have any compatibility issue.

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For iPad data recovery

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How to Transfer Media Files from iPad to iPod

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