Are you wondering How to Transfer iTunes Purchases on iPad to iPhone ? You were previously owning the iPad on which you readily use various apps, games and media files, some of them are even purchased. These apps and other stuffs can easily be managed on your computer through the iTunes application. You can directly download or purchase the apps on the iTunes and then install it on the iPad. You were enjoying working on the iPad but later you decided to buy an iPhone also, there were no extra app installed in the iPhone so you want to transfer previously downloaded and purchased apps to the iPhone but the question is How to Transfer iTunes Purchases on iPad to iPhone.

Some of the apps are specially designed for the iPad so you need to choose carefully which apps and games are compatible to your iPhone device. You need to connect the iPhone to the computer where the iTunes is installed. Then you can select and transfer the desired apps. You need to take care while transferring the apps because any kind of interruption can lead to the corruption of the app data and it will become unusable. So you should create a separate backup of the all the apps in the drive. So for doing this you need an iPad backup software. You may try to do this manually but it is not recommended.

The software that is provided here allows you to create the backup in a hassle free way. You can connect your iPad and then run the software which will scan the device for all the installed apps and then backup all the data. This data can be restored whenever you are the app in your device is accidentally uninstalled or gets corrupted. So get the software now and live tension free.

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For iPhone/iPad Data Recovery Opt for-

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How to Transfer iTunes Purchases on iPad to iPhone

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