Now a days iPhone is widely used by millions of people due to its spectacular and innovative features. When it comes how to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail there are so many people who have been asked this question many times. Well everyone must be aware of that contacts are considered as the important part of phone software which is at most crucial. In order to prevent important contacts from being loss user uses different services to make sure that data of the phone remains secure and safe. To secure the iPhone contacts with 100% assurance it is highly suggested to use Gmail services because it gives an environment where your contacts or any other data will be safe secure and risk free. Gmail has been regarded as securest services of all time so there is no doubt that your data will be be remain safe and secure .In this case you would start thinking how to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail? Well there are some methods which helps you achieve the task, take a look:

 Sync iPhone contacts to Gmail directly

  • You need to tap settings>Switch to mail, contacts, calenders to begin the process
  • On the next screen tap add accounts to confirm email account is supported by device
  •  On the next page select Google account
  •  When the Google account has been added you need to turned on contacts. When this process has been completed you will see syncing has begun automatically.

 Using iTunes

iTunes is an Apple inbuilt utility tool used to backup and restore all vital files on iPhone and other iOS devices. You can also take help of this utility to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail. But sometimes it fails to achieve the task due to its certain limitations and often generates error.

 Using iPhone backup software

iPhone backup software is an excellent tool that help you to learn how to Transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail easily and effectively. It comes with user friendly interface that assist you to achieve the task. Nothing is better than this software if you are thinking to syncing iPhone contacts to Gmail.

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For recovery purpose

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How to Transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail

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