Trasnfer iPhone apps to iPad

How to transfer iPhone apps to iPad? Is this the question you are searching for? If yes then your search is complete. Here you will know easy steps to transfer iPhone apps to iPad.

Almost every gadget user is familiar from iPhone or iPad. These are the outstanding gadget made by Apple which is used by millions of user worldwide. iPhone is very popular amongst gadget lovers because of its unique and outstanding features. We have store lots of data including important apps. We have lots of apps stored on iPhone from interesting games to productive app. Sometime when your iPhone memory is full or you have bought new iPad you will need to transfer your data to iPad. Apart from that there are several apps that does not compatible with iPhone so we have to transfer iPhone apps to iPad.

Easily Transfer iPhone Apps to iPad

There are two ways from which you can transfer apps to iPad. You can use iCloud which is an inbuilt tool which is used to backup and restore all data from any iOS. But it needs Internet and it an store only 3 GB data. Another option is iTunes. It is another famous inbuilt feature for all iOS device. Which backup your important data and use to manage data of iPhone. But unfortunately it also has some limitation like it only works with high speed Internet and it is performs very slow while backup files. Apart from that the worst thing is that you have to loose all your data if any error happens during backup.

Use iPhone Backup Software

Due to limitation of iTunes and iCloud many users don’t want to use them. If you are also scared of loosing data with the use of iTunes and still want to transfer iPhone apps to iPad then you will need a third party software. You can use iPhone backup software to transfer apps from iPhone to iPad. It can be used as a alternative of iTunes. This software works fast and easy to use. Not only it backup apps but it can also backup all the data from iPhone. It is compatible with all Windows and Mac operating system.

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for recovery of iPhone use iPhone recovery software

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How to Transfer iPhone Apps to iPad

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