The E-books are becoming highly popular these days, they are the paper less digital books that can downloaded from the ineternet. They E-books can be a novel, research paper, news article, magazine or any other. You can easily download it from the interner and if you are using the iPad then the apple store will provide lot of options for that. Some of them are free to download while some can be purchased. The best part of the E-book is that you can easily transfer it to some other digital device. if you want to read it on a bigger screen then you can transfer it to your PC, so now you would be thinking about how to transfer E-books between iPad and PC. Is it just simply copy and paste ? Here you will find the proper way of doing that.

If you have the Mac system then you can use the iTunes application to sync all types of data including the E-book in your Mac. The iTunes application can also be used on your Windows PC, however for that you need to download and install the application firsts.

Steps to transfer E-books between iPad and PC

  • The E-book should be displayed in you iBook Library.
  • Connect the iPad to the system and open the iTunes application.
  • Select the device then “sync books”.
  • Click sync button and the transfer will be done.

However there are cases where the user have encountered some error during the process and chances are that the E-book will get corrupted or completely lost. So it is recommended that you should create the backup of the E-book with the help of the given software. It will also prove to be helpful in other data loss situations from you digital devices. So you should download the software and make use of it.

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In case if you want to recover data iPad.

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How to transfer E-books between iPad and PC

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