Hi guys i have a big collection of DVD movies which i want to have in my iPhone because it is not possible to take DVD everywhere i go. But my problem is i don’t know how to send DVD movies to iPhone. If you have any suggestion about how to transfer DVD movies to iPhone then please let me know. Thanks..

iPhone comes with fantastic features and that’s the reason its user is increasing day by day. However it offers many amazing features but watching movies or videos on its big screen has its own fun. Wherever you go you can easily enjoy your favorite movies on your iPhone because it is easy to carry. But there are many people who have a big collection of DVD movies which they want to watch on their iPhone. But it is not possible to watch DVD movies directly on iPhone or iPad because iPhone doesn’t supports the format of DVD movies. So there are many users who want to know how to transfer DVD movies to iPhone. To watch DVD movies in your iPhone you have to convert the movies in the format which iPhone supports. So you can do it with the help of any converter software. Once you have converted the movies then you can send it in your iPhone with the help of iTunes.

In order to transfer DVD movies to iPhone, using iTunes is not a better thing. iTunes comes with several limitation such as it need fast Internet to transfer. Apart from that it can make the system slow on which it is using and the worst thing is that you cn lose your data while syncing with iTunes. So the best solution to transfer DVD movies to iPhone is iPhone backup software. This is a effective and reliable software through which you can easily transfer any kind of iPhone data hassle free. So it is recommended to use the iPhone backup software if you want to safely transfer movies to your iPhone.

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To Recover iPhone Data Use iPhone Recovery Software

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How to Transfer DVD Movies to iPhone

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