Hello everyone I am using Samsung galaxy note 2 since long time. But for a change I have purchased an iPhone gadget few days back. Now I want to transfer all my data from Samsung galaxy to iPhone. Nut I don’t know how to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone. Any help will be appreciated.

In the recent time it has been seen that many android user’s have given away their Android and switch for new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. Switching from one phone to another phone is not new to this digital world. infact every one wants to upgrade himself with the latest technology now a days. However switching between iPhone and Samsung is completely Lengthy process because both works on different platforms. Well If you own an iPhone and want to transfer data from android phone to iPhone, no need to worry here are the complete guidelines which helps you to learn how to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy Phones to iPhone.

Using iCloud

You can take help from inbuilt utility iCloud provided by Apple. Basically it is used to backup and restore crucial files on iPhone and other IOS devices But to make backup and restore vital files on iCloud you have to connect your device with internet. Moreover it offers only 3 GB of data after completion of the process. So this is not an ideal choice to go with iCloud.

 Using iTunes

Another inbuilt utility is iTunes which is also provided by Apple. The main task of this inbuilt utility is make backup of your important data stored on iPhone device. You can sync Samsung data with iPhone using iTunes very easily. But it has certain limitation such as slow to proceed the task, often generate error while transfer etc. All this limitation make sometime fails to complete the task

 Using Android backup software

Android backup software is the safest method that helps you to learn how to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy Phones to iPhone. This remarkable tool helps you to perform sync Samsung data to iPhone data. Your data will be remain safe after completion of the process. It is very simple to use since it comes with user friendly interface.

             download-backup-softw   buynow1

In case you want to recover data

             download-recovery   buynow1

How to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy Phones to iPhone

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