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Hi friends i was using Moto X smartphone from last six month and tomorrow i bought a new iPhone 6. But the problem is that i don’t know how to transfer data from Moto X to iPhone 6. if anybody has suggestion regarding this please help me. Thanks

Today smartphone is used by millions of users because of its useful and en-joyful features. Millions of smartphone is available in market and one is better than another one that’s why we keep changing phones for latest features. As mentioned above if you are using Moto X and suddenly you want to buy iPhone 6 then you must have to transfer all the data from Moto X to new iPhone. But the problem is that many users don’t know the process of transferring data from smartphone to iPhone. They start searching on Internet about how to transfer data from Moto X to iPhone 6. But after making lots of effort they don’t get satisfactory result.

Transfer data in easy ways

The first thing you have to do is to store all the data of your android phone to computer then install iTunes. iTunes is an inbuilt tool which is provided by Apple to all iOS device to management and backup of data. So you have to connect your iPhone to iTunes and after that you can sync the data easily to it. But there are some limitations of iTunes which scare user to use it. Like if you want to use iTunes you must have a high speed Internet and your system can become slow by the use of it. The main thing is that if there any error occur while syncing with iTunes you may have to face data loss scenario.

Use Android backup software

If you are also wondering about how to transfer data from Moto X to iPhone 6 then don’t get frustrated. You can easily sync your android data to iPhone with the use of Android backup software. It is the perfect utility through which you can easily transfer data without any problem. This tool is designed by panel of expert and it is very easy in use. So if you want to sync data from android to iPhone safely must use Android backup software.

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If you want to recover Android data then use Android recovery software

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How to Transfer Data from Moto X to iPhone 6

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