HI ! all, my name is Adela and I want to know the safest method on how to transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer. I have recently bought iPhone 6 and stored all important contacts on it. But I want to make backup of all iPhone contacts on my PC. SO I need to sync contacts between iPhone and computer. How can I achieve the task. Please help me.

HI Adela first of all I would like to appreciate you for thinking to make backup of all iPhone contacts on computer. Creating backup of iPhone data like contacts, videos, pictures and other valuable data on PC is a great idea. This is because data can be loss at any point of time so backup data helps you to prevent the data from being loss permanently. Now lets have a look on how to transfer iPhone to Computer. Being a iPhone user you must know what are the importance of iPhone contacts. iPhone contacts apps holds your important contacts address, phone number and email address. So loosing the valuable contacts can make you annoy and frustrate. So in order to prevent the iPhone data from being loss, you need to transfer iPhone contacts to computer. For this you need to follow some below step:

 Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer using iTunes

Being a smart iPhone user you must be quiet familiar with iTunes. It is an inbuilt utility tool provided by Apple which assist you to backup and restore all precious files on all IOS devices. This tool helps you to learn how to transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer.

  •  First of all Download and install iTunes on your computer
  •  Connect iPhone to your computer via USB
  •  Select iPhone and click info tab
  •  Ensure sync contacts is checked
  •  Right click on the name of your iPhone and then select “Back Up”. Thus your iPHone contacts will be transferred. But it fails to transfer iPhone to the respective devices due to its certain limitations.

 Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer using iPhone backup software

iPhone backup software is the most reliable and excellent tool that transfers your iPhone data to any devices safely and in hassle free manner. It can easily overcome the drawbacks and limitations of iTunes and iClouds. This supports all versions of Windows OS and MAC also.

               download-backup-softw  buynow1

Want to Recover iPhone data

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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

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