How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iOS 9

Hi friends my brother has gifted me a new iPhone which runs on iOS 9. i want to sync my contacts from old Android phone to iPhone. But the problem is that i don’t know how to transfer contacts from Android to iOS 9. So if anyone has suggestion regarding this then please help me. Thanks

We are using several types of smartphone today and everyday new invention is coming in market. So in search of latest feature we move from one phone to another. Today android and iOS device has captured the world very fast and there are millions of users in world. Consider a situation where you are using android smartphone and want to use an iPhone. Then its obvious that you have to transfer all your android mobile data including contacts to the new iOS device. Moving data like contacts and calendar is not easier like other data. But the main issue is that many users have no idea how to transfer contacts from Android to iOS 9. if you are one of them then don’t worry and read the full post.

In order to sync contacts from android to iPhone you can use iTunes which is an inbuilt utility which is provided by Apple to all its iOS device including iOS 9. so you just have to install iTunes on your computer and after that you can attach your iPhone to it and data start transferring in easy way. Another method of transferring your data is iCloud, because it supports Android phone also so you have to just upload you data on it and later you can download it from your iOS device by login in. But there are some limitation of iCloud like limited storage, slow working and it need high speed Internet.

If you also don’t know how to transfer contacts from Android to iOS 9 and need an alternative of iTunes and iCloud then you can go with some third party software. Fortunately we have Android backup software through which we can easily sync our Android data to iPhone. It is genuine and dependable tool which can easily backup and restore your data. you can sync music, images, videos and other data along with contacts with it. It supports all the version of Android so it is recommended to use Android backup software in order to transfer data from Android to iOS.

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To recover Android data use Android recovery software

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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iOS 9

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