Are you looking for an effective tool on how to transfer camera video from iPhone 6 to PC? Then your search ends here.

Presently iPhone is one of the most popular gadget in the world. It is manufactured and marketed by world leading brand Apple inc. Recently Apple has launched iPhone 6 in the market which is much more enhanced than its previous one. It comes with new look, elegant design, bigger screen, updated 12-megapixel iSight camera that enables you to take 4k videos. Due to all these features, User will get a better experience on video recording and watching. However there occurs a situation when videos, movies and other media files occupies huge memory space on iPhone. So transfer Camera Video from iPhone 6 to PC becomes significant. If you perform this task it will not only help you free up space but also make backup. To achieve the task you would be start thinking how to Transfer Camera Video from iPhone 6 to PC. Well no need to worry you can easily perform the task by following step:

 Transfer camera videos from iPhone 6 to PC: You can easily achieve the task if you have cable at hand. Here you need to connect your iPhone to cable. When your iPhone is connected to your PC, go to my computer and find iPhone. Then right click on iPhone and select import pictures and videos. After doing this your videos will be saved to my picture folder in your computer

 Transfer camera videos from iPhone 6 to PC using iCloud: iCloud is an Apple inbulity tool used to backup and restore crucial files on iPhone. To perform the task, you need to enabled iCloud in settings and turn on photo stream then download the icloud control panel onto your computer. Then all videos will be saved within seconds directly on your computer. But it requires fast internet connection and there will be huge possibility of data loss issue

iPhone backup software: This software is an excellent tool that help you to transfer Camera Video from iPhone 6 to PC in easy manner. It is designed to overcome all the drawback of inbuilt utility such as icloud and iTunes. It does not require any technical knowledge to use this software.

Therefore if you are willing to know how to transfer Camera Video from iPhone 6 to PC , install iphone backup software immediately.

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For recovery data 

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How to Transfer Camera Video from iPhone 6 to PC

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